meet the real ndp

(If you thought the Wynne Liberals hurt Ontario, just wait until you meet the NDP)


(He's running to be the next MPP for Ottawa Centre)

joel wants to bring in the highest carbon tax in the world, that would cost a two car family over $4,000 a year. he also believes and supports a thing called the leap manifesto, a radical, ultra-left wing vision for canada that would destroy our economy.

if it were up to joel, ontarians would no longer be allowed to heat their home with natural gas. he hasn't explained his plan to keep us warm though.

This is Laura Kaminker.

(She's running to be the next MPP for Mississauga Centre)

laura has a lot of radical opinions about a lot of things. first off, she's a self-described marxist. she also thinks wearing a poppy is war glorification.

laura is also a 9/11 conspiracy theorist and she doesn't think we should honour our troops in public, like at sporting events.

This is tasleem riaz.

(She's running to be the next MPP for Scarborough-Agincourt)

let's start with the worst part of tasleem - she was caught posting an inspirational quote by Adolf hitler on her facebook.

and if posting a quote of hitler wasn't bad enough, she also slandered our canadian forces, accusing them of slaughtering "innocent men, women, and children" in Afghanistan.

This is Ramsey Hart.

(He's running to be the next MPP for Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston)

ramsey is a career anti-mining activist. he boasts about the fact that mining companies don't like him.

not only is he against mining, he wants to raise mining taxes to put people out of work and cost northern ontario billions.

This is Chandra Pasma.

(She's running to be the next MPP for Ottawa West-Nepean)

chandra has some pretty extreme ideas when it comes to what it means to have a job.

she thinks having a job is 'dehumanizing' and believes that we need to "counter the devastating impacts of ... capitalism."

This is guratan singh.

(He's running to be the next MPP for Brampton East)

guratan fits right in with the rest of horwath's radical ndp.

guratan was caught harassing police officers, including holding a sign that said "f*** the police." guratan probably won't make a great minister of community safety.

This is Paul Miller.

(He's running to be re-elected as the MPP for Hamilton East-Stoney Creek)

let's just say paul isn't apparently the nicest guy to work for. paul is currently facing allegations that he 'bullied' his staff.

the complaint also says paul makes "routine racist, sexist and homophobic comments.”

This is Jessica Bell.

(She's running to be the next MPP for University-Rosedale)

jessica is not just a professional protester, she co-wrote a handbook on how to organize radical protests.

her radical guide suggests things like 'economic shutdown', 'seizure of assets', 'occupation' and 'property destruction'.

This is Amara Possian.

(She's running to be the next MPP for Don Valley West)

amara's views aren't exactly the same as most ontarians. she's opposed to increased trade with other countries.

we're not sure exactly how she thinks ontarians should be employed, but it's definitely not in manufacturing.

This is Rima Berns-McGown.

(She's running to be the next MPP for Beaches-East York)

rima has said some really, really offensive and anti-semitic things in her past.

rima has a very extreme view about the holocaust, israel and it's existence as a region in the middle east.

This is Monique Taylor.

(She's running to be re-elected as the MPP for Hamilton Mountain)

just like her caucus-mate paul miller, monique is also under scrutiny by one of her employees.

she's currently facing a human rights tribunal complaint as well.

This is Dwayne Morgan.

(He's running to be the next MPP for Scarborough North)

dwayne is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, who believes that the terrorist attack that led to the deaths of thousands was an inside job.

he actually publicly stated that he believed former president george w. bush played a role in the terrorist attack.

This is jill andrew.

(She's running to be the next MPP for St. Paul's)

jill was caught using a racial slur to describe Toronto’s first black police chief.

jill joins a long line of ndp candidates who have been caught saying something inappropriate online.

This is Andrea Horwath.

(She's running to be the Premier of Ontario)

andrea wants to run the province, but it turns out she can't even run the numbers in her own platform. her platform has a $1.4 billion hole.

when asked about the massive shortfall, andrea simply shrugged her shoulders. we know what that means: higher taxes, massive deficits, more debt and broken promises.

Authorized by the CFO for the PC Party of Ontario